Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd Introduces Worlds Biggest Business Entertainment & Social Networking Site

Bizeso Services Pvt Ltd . has launched , a business, entertainment and social networking website, to provide a wide range of online services to entrepreneurs, businesses, professionals and individuals, connecting them on a more interactive platform. Mr. Manoj Yadav , the founder and CEO of Bizeso Services Pvt. Ltd. founded to improve the way world communicates as he says,” Social media has broken down the boundaries for businesses that have adopted it because it allows companies and their clients to communicate directly and frequently, forming strong relationships. And those businesses which do not get on the social media bandwagon soon will not survive.” His primary vision was to build a common platform for business, entertainment and social networking and making sure people have fun while they’re at it.

Being a one stop portal is world’s biggest portal with more than 3000 web pages. It runs 32 sub-portals under its name, catering to all the business, entertainment and social networking needs. Whether it is business exchange, business partnering, business meeting, business plans, freelancing, insurance, investors & funds, loans, tenders, trade shows, jobs, franchise, press release, art, entertainment, advertisements, portfolios, ideas, blogs, polls, flocks, photo, video & audio sharing, chat, events, detectives, lawyers, shopping, buying or selling, academy, bizeso has it all.

In order to get benefit from all the sections of , users need to register only once with a valid email id and that too without any paid memberships. Users can search business partners for any business across the world and post their partnering needs through bizeso bizpartner.Professionals from any field can post their portfolios in a diverse niche for professional portfolios in bizeso entertainment section to showcase their talent and creativity thereby grabbing work order, attention and fan following.

At bizeso art section users can post and exhibit their art pieces, they can also auction and sell their art from a wide variety of art forms like painting, drawing, sculpture, photography etc. lets users post their ads for companies and brands, search ads, create storyboard for ads etc.

Investors can search reliable opportunities, firms and businesses for investing capital according to their investment prospects and those looking for funds can submit their investment proposal and so that they can search and contact angel investors, venture capitalists etc. by posting their requirements at bizeso investors. Users can post and search tenders by products or categories across the globe at tender section to get an insight into market surveys.

Franchise owners can sell franchises at thereby letting franchise seekers search and buy franchises. Biz exchange segment provides an international platform to all the entrepreneurs and business owners who want to sell or exchange their businesses with a similar or different type of business.

People can post and search all relevant data about upcoming trade shows, can get reviews of recently held trade shows at bizeso trade show. Flock sub portal gives a platform to users of common interests to form a flock and stay connected on their common issues.Blogs can be read, searched and posted at blog portion.

Issues can be discussed at forum section.Various chat rooms are available for group or private chatting at bizeso account is available at mailbox portion.Bizeso event lets its users post, search and share events and send invites for their events.

Users can exhibit their creativity by uploading, sharing and browsing unlimited videos, audios and photos of their interests in various categories at video, audio and photo sections respectively. So there are ample opportunities for people to show their passion and talent.

Bizeso biz plan helps its users to plot in-depth business plans useful for their businesses equally whether they are amateur or established meeting section provides platform for scheduling business meetings and inviting members through mail.Recruiters can post vacancies, hire professionals and job seekers can search and apply for jobs at job segment.

Ideas posted on can get funds if investors found them worth of investing so anyone who has great ideas but requires investment to realize them can make use of it.Users can post press releases and build public relations at bizeso press.

Qualified professionals like detectives, lawyers and CA can post their professional profiles at detective, lawyer and CA section respectively for getting work orders and those in need can send inquiries to them or can hire them thereby profiting both the parties.

Loan seekers can post their requirements at bizeso loan and financing bodies will contact them the academic inquiries can be done at . Institutional bodies can register themselves and lead the students.Users can create polls at .

Blake, United Kingdom, Commercial Asset Valuation And Forecast to 2015

Blake field is located in the Outer Moray Firth (Greater Ross Area) of the North Sea in the UK. Ross, Blake and Blake Flank are three fields located in the Greater Ross Area. Blake field is around 10km from the Ross and Parry fields. It is at about 100km from Aberdeen and at a water depth of 100m. The field is located in the blocks 13/24a and 13/24b extending into 13/29b at an average reservoir depth of 1,500m below the seabed.

BG Group is the operator of the field with a 44% equity stake. The other equity partners of the field are Idemitsu, Talisman Energy Inc., and Rigel Petroleum Limited. Blake field was discovered in 1997. The field was discovered by the well 13/24b-3. In the next two years it was appraised by four wells. The field came operational in June 2001.

Blake Flank is another very small field in the same block as that of Blake. This field was discovered in October 2001 while carrying out drilling and development activities for the Blake field. The Blake Flank field was discovered and appraised by the well 13/24a-8. It was estimated in 2001 that Blake Flank field will add approximately 20 million barrels of reserves to the Blake field over a life of 10 years. Blake Flank came operational in September 2003.

Blake field produces crude oil and associated gas. The crude is of 30.30 � API and possesses an oil viscosity of 2.20 centipoises at reservoir conditions. The field produced about 5.9 million barrels of crude oil and 3,447.06 MMcf of associated gas in 2009.

The field life of Blake is expected to be around 14 years with the estimated end of its productive life during 2014-2015. The field is expected to generate $2.18 billion in revenue (undiscounted) during 2010-2029 and is expected to yield an IRR of around 37.80%.

United Kingdom


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Russian Cement Demand to Advance at a Cagr of 13.2 Percent by 2015

According to our latest research report “Russian Cement Sector Analysis”, Russia represents one of world’s largest and fastest growing cement industries. The industry has outpaced the growth rates of other prominent industries in the country on the back of various growth enablers, such as increased activity in infrastructure, rising demand from the housing sector, and construction recovery. The research further revealed that, the industry will continue to post staggering market developments and cement demand will grow in double digit bracket by 2015, thus positioning Russia as one of the most favorable cement industry investment destinations.

The research identified that, regardless of the robust growth, per capita cement consumption is still relatively low in Russia compared to per capita consumption of other nations and even less than the global average. This indicates a strong growth potential for the Russian cement industry. It is expected that, the rising demand from infrastructural developments will increase cement production in near future and will transform in increased per capita cement consumption.

Despite bright future prospects, there exist some growth inhibitors, which may affect industry’s future development pace. For instance, outdated production technology posts some serious threats to industries future advancements. Most of the existing capacity (~80%) is technologically outdated and based on old wet-process technology. The plants are working on high energy-consuming outdated wet method of production technologies, which demand a quick technological overhaul to ensure cost effective production.

Our report “Russian Cement Sector Analysis”, has been authored to study and evaluate the cement industry future potentials in Russia and its various segments. The report thoroughly examines all prominent emerging trends and drivers fueling growth in the industry. Further, it highlights market developments in all major segments, such as production, installed capacity, export, import, plant size, and consumption to enable clients to understand Russian cement market dynamics. Most importantly, the report has also presented industry forecasts based on the correlation of past drivers, challenges, and opportunities for expansion. In this way, the report presents a complete and coherent analysis of the Russian cement industry, which will prove decisive for the clients.

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Kanu Signs Contract Extension With The First Group

Nigerian football legend Nwankwo Kanu has signed a contract extension with leading property developers, The First Group.

The thirty-five year old, who plays for English Championship side Portsmouth, has been a long-term ambassador of The First Group.

The First Group is currently constructing The One Kempinski Abuja, an iconic building comprising 264 premium serviced residences, located in the heart of the central business district.

“The First Group is leading the way in bringing modern developments to the heart of Nigeria,” said Kanu, who has himself purchased a residence in this unique project. “The One Kempinski Abuja is a stunning property with fantastic facilities and will be a key destination in the Nigerian capital for many years to come.”

“I have really enjoyed my association with The First Group, and I am excited about what they are bringing to my home country.”

“Kanu is a true legend in Nigeria,” said Gary Shepherd, joint chairman, The First Group. “He is loved by so many fans for his great talent, but also the amount he gives back to the community through the Kanu Heart Foundation, which we support. He is a natural ambassador for The First Group in Africa and we are delighted he has agreed to extend his agreement with us.”

The Kanu Heart Foundation was set up in 2000 to help underprivileged children living with heart problems in Nigeria and other African countries.

Kanu is just one of many international sporting ambassadors working with The First Group, including Manchester United star Michael Owen, South African Rugby Union player, Bryan Habana and Russia’s double grand slam tennis champion, Svetlana Kuznetsova.

With its expertise in emerging property markets, The First Group has recognised the unparalleled investment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and Africa, and is proud to offer clients innovative off-plan properties in these sought-after regions, as well as unrivalled investment services and pioneering products.

With a passion for perfection and a commitment to excellence in all areas of construction, design, finish and service, The First Group is leading the way for premium property development in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and Africa, providing its clients with luxury properties for a secure and profitable investment. Please visit for further details.

In Todays Economy Which IS The Better Motivator? Cash OR Non-cash?

Cash or Non-Cash?

New Slants on an Old Argument

NEW YORK (September 26, 2011) – On the heels of the all the bickering that took place recently in Washington over the debt ceiling, most may not have the appetite for another debate, political or otherwise. As we slog through an economic atmosphere that feels more recessionary than recovery in nature, the debate over the economic impact of non-cash has a new context.

According to the most recent Performance Perspective executive briefing released by Madison Performance Group, non-cash rewards, in the right circumstances and in the right combinations, can actually be more “effective” and therefore a more “efficient” than money alone.

Madison Performance Group is the worldwide leader in developing employee engagement and incentive marketing programs for Fortune 1000 corporations that include CA, Citigroup, Kawasaki and Siemens. The company implements customized strategies to motivate workers, applying proprietary sales and marketing techniques to maximize employees’ success.

As highlighted in the perspective, non-cash awards-merchandise, travel, gift certificates and gift cards, a simple thank you-anything that’s processed/delivered outside of the payroll practice-are better investments and thus more affordable solutions for companies looking to “do more with less”.

The “cash is king” bias, long held by many business leaders and the reason some organizations still have closed minds when it comes to the potential impact non-cash cash awards could be playing within their organizations . Mike Ryan, Senior Vice President of Madison Performance Group says, “Cash should always be front and center in the compensation mix. But, is the promise of money really what motivates us to do our best when we do our work? And, perhaps more importantly, does cash alone represent what we really want to get out of the job?”

Non-cash motivators-including praise from immediate managers, can be more effective than the three highest-rated financial incentives: cash bonuses, increased base pay, and stock options. Additionally, non-monetary compensation can maximize effectiveness in aligning the goals of the organization with the emotional priorities of its people. It can be argued that people are indeed a source of unique advantage-one that is hard to replicate, and companies need to take care of today’s skilled workers by aligning reward strategies with what people really want: rewarding work, meaningful relationships, acknowledgement, freedom, and flexibility.

Even in these recessionary times employees think more frequently about material awards than they do their cash equivalents. Employees think more frequently about tangible awards-even when they are on an equal value to cash-and that the increased interest may lead to higher performance and greater returns on the aggregate compensation investment. Non-cash enticements can be used to close performance gaps across a wide variety of enterprise-level metrics, or they can be used to encourage improved outcomes at the local level.

“As an uncertain economic forecast continues to place cost demands on companies, it’s time to reexamine the old paradigm that cash is the most reliable motivator,” Ryan concludes. “With new studies showing that non-cash, in the right circumstances and in the right combinations, can be more “effective” and “efficient” than money alone, companies looking to maximize the impact of their compensation costs would be wise to blend non-cash elements into the mix.”

About Madison Performance Group:

Over the course of nearly four decades, Madison Performance Group has become respected for its ability to create hundreds of uniquely tailored programs, allowing corporations to optimize workforce engagement and maximize company success. Priding itself on its innovative ideas and strategic incentive marketing solutions, Madison helps build a corporation’s competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving, global marketplace.

Madison Performance Group has grown to become a worldwide resource for companies interested in enhancing the effectiveness of their current workforces, with headquarters in Manhattan and offices in China, Brazil, Sweden and Mexico.

Historically, Madison has represented blue-chip clients in a range of industries-from automotive and biotechnology to financial and telecommunications-to motivate and engage their employees and create unparalleled sales incentive programs. Madison is proud to include such leading brands and global organizations as CA, Citigroup, Kawasaki and Siemens on its client roster.

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Mike Ryan is available for interview.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Therapeutics Pipeline Assessment And Market Foreca

Summary The industry analysis specialist, has released its new report, “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Therapeutics – Pipeline Assessment and Market Forecasts to 2017”. The report is an essential source of information and analysis on the global ADHD market. The report identifies the key trends shaping and driving the global ADHD market. The report also provides insights on the prevalent competitive landscape and the emerging players expected to significantly alter the market positioning of the current market leaders. Most importantly, the report provides valuable insights on the pipeline products within the global ADHD sector. This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by ‘s team of industry experts.

estimated the ADHD market to be worth $3.82 billion in 2009 and it is forecast to remain stable with a very low growth of a CAGR of 0.2% annually for the next seven years, to reach $3.88 billion by 2017. This modest growth can be primarily attributed to population growth and increased prescription rates. However, a low treatment seeking rate, low diagnosis rate, combined with the availability of alternate options such as generics, behavioral and psychological therapies, diet changes, as well as the unknown cause of the disease, continue to pose significant challenges for prospective market entrants.


The report provides information on the key drivers and challenges of the ADHD market. Its scope includes: – Annualized global ADHD market revenues data from 2001 to 2009, forecast for eight years to 2017. – Pipeline analysis data providing a split across the different phases, mechanisms of action being developed and emerging trends. Pipeline candidates fall under major therapeutic classes such as serotonin reuptake inhibitors, neuronal nicotine receptors agonists, dopamine reuptake inhibitors, AMPA type glutamate receptors. – Analysis of the current and future competition in the global ADHD market. Key market players covered are Sceile Pharma, AstraZeneca, Supernus Pharma, Cortex pharma. – Insightful review of the key industry drivers, restraints and challenges. Each trend is independently researched to provide a qualitative analysis of its implications. – Key topics covered include strategic competitor assessment, market characterization, unmet needs and the implications for the ADHD therapeutics market.

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19th Gas Discovery in KG-d6 Gas Field Reliance Industries

Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), one of India’s biggest oil and gas acreage operator, has made its 19th gas discovery in the prolific region of the Krishna – Godavari basin, located off the coast of Andhra Pradesh. The discovery has been named ‘Dhirubhai 42’ and is likely to boost RIL’s gas production by 2 million standard cubic meters per day (mmscmd). An official approval from Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH) for developing the newly found acreage is also slated to come forth soon. DGH, the technical arm of oil ministry, is currently gauging the commercial viability of this discovery and will give its consent on commencing production from the field there after.

This discovery comes as a huge relief to the government which is at the brink of facing concerns of energy security. The additional gas of 2 mmscmd will be able to somewhat mitigate the mounting demand that has come from many gas -hungry sectors of the country.

The 8,100 (KG-D6) block lies off the east coast of Andhra Pradesh in the Bay of Bengal region. KG-D6 oil and gas block has been widely acclaimed for being cost-efficient and time driven. The Krishna – Godavari basin block KG-DWN-98/3 (D6) currently has 19 oil and gas finds, of which Dhirubhai -1 (D1), Dhirubhai- 3 (D3) fields and an MA oil field are the largest and completely functional. KG-D6 produces about 45.4 mmscmd of gas per day and MA oil fields produce around 15,000 barrels of oil per day and about 7.6 million standard cubic meters of natural gas per day from its five wells. There has been a slight decline in gas output from the basin in the last few months and concerns were mounting on whether the field could render any further benefits. This latest discovery has helped ease out the concerns for now and Reliance is hoping to begin production from the block at the earliest.

Logistic Industry in China Set For Tremendous Growth

According to our report “Chinese Logistics Market Forecast to 2012”, Chinese logistics industry has been witnessing tremendous growth for the past few years driven by decade-long economic growth, dominance in international trade, increasing domestic consumer demand, and manufacturing-centered economy. During 2010, the domestic logistics industry reached to an estimated value of around CNY 105 Trillion (US$ 15.75 Trillion). Further, it is expected that the industry will witness 9% CAGR during 2011-13, on the back of number of factors discussed in the report.

As per our analysis, both the government and industry players have incorporated measures to attract investments and improve the performance level. The liberal economic approach adopted in policy measures along with the increasing demand for goods in domestic market has resulted in exponential growth patterns for the industry. Besides, we have found that, Chinese logistics enterprises are increasingly shifting towards green logistics, with the growing awareness of global environment concern. These trends are expected to grow in near future, on the back of huge untapped opportunities in the sector.

Chinese logistics industry outlook is subject to the sustainable and continued development of the overall Chinese economy as well as the successful expansion of logistics infrastructure. Further, the report also evaluates industry restraints prevailing in the country.

“Chinese Logistics Market Forecast to 2012” provides extensive research and rational analysis of the Chinese logistics industry along with brief overview of the key players operating in the industry. The report also covers investments and freight movement details in different modes of transports. Besides, key developments in major logistics parks and regulatory framework are covered in the report. Our research findings will definitely help consultants, industry analysts, and vendors to get in-depth knowledge of the current, past, and future performance of the industry.

Forecasts presented in the report are based on the correlation between past market trends, statistical analysis, and industry drivers and provides a direction to clients, in which the industry is likely to proceed in future. It will also help clients in identifying hidden growth opportunities in the Chinese logistics industry.

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Cotton Yarn And Dyeing

If we talk about cotton yarn Pakistan is the biggest exporter of cotton which covers 29% on the total world need. Cotton yarn is incredibly useful they are being used to make clothes for summers for the reason that it is light and very soft do not affect the body. Cotton Yarn dyeing is not anything more than adding up shades to the yarn that has been used to produce an item of clothing or anything related to the use of cotton yarn or adding shades to yarn that will in a little while be used in knitting tasks. Whereas industrialized yarn dyeing takes place prior to the product is ever put up for sale, a lot of people like to insert their individual exceptional stroke of color as well. There are a number of examples of diverse methods for yarn dyeing that could be completed at home. One of the essentials of dyeing yarn is making use of what a person has just about in the house.

One might come across that some dye colors left over. If so, then one has the ideal average to put in color to the yarn. Making use of the dyeing procedure outline for the dyes a lot of take in the use of apparent vinegar get ready with the dyeing combination in a pan big as much as necessary to put up the yarn a person desire to dye . Cotton takes on incredibly delicate, light shades when dyed by hand. In actual fact, one will come across that making use of the similar dye on a cotton fiber capable of producing fibers of variety of colors. It should be looped freely hence that the dye would be proficient to flow freely however as well requires to be protected so it does not intertwine; a person don’t desire to be spending lots of time unraveling it when it is wet. Cotton melange yarns are twirl from numerous cotton fibers with diverse colors.

Mixing dyed and not dyed fibers with changeable degrees, is an ordinary technique of producing of an assortment of fancy yarns. Incorporation of fibers with diverse colors could be prepared either in the blow room at the start of rotating grounding or by adding up different dyed fibers to the depict frames. It have been noticed that scouring and dying procedure of cotton fibers show the way to a better structure amid them, lessening of fibers force and taking away of a fraction of the wax there on the exterior of yarn fibers. Additional mechanical procedures on these fibers show the way to fiber spoil and lessening of their portion limits. These differences on fibers not just have an effect on the competence of spinning procedure, but as well the automatic and corporeal properties of the final yarn.

Automobile India And The New Bikes Produced in This Year

The automobile India increase force after the liberalization in 1991. The industry has continued to grow steadily and consistently to become competent in the global market. In the recent past, India has seen a boom in the automobile sector, thanks to its relaxed restrictions on investment policy in the field. India’s overall economic growth has also played a significant role in attracting foreign investors to invest in India in the automotive sector in the country.

automobile companies is different in the field. New models come out every day and you have the option to choose. With the increase in income per capita, the purchasing power of people has increased. More and more people are turning to managed transport and private vehicles at affordable prices. The automobile industry in India is currently growing 18% per annum, which is remarkable. Therefore, the scenario presented by one of India Car ongoing progress and development. You can buy the car you want by a series of auto shops throughout the country.

Indian bicycle market has witnessed an attack of last bike in the last two years. From the producers of popular Indian bike. All these well-known manufacturers rolled out their best bike on Indian roads. Strengthening of modern design, sporty look, latest gadgets, powerful engine and many features, the new launch bikes in India have a wide selection of all segments. Different categories Bikes 100cc, 125cc bikes have, 150-500cc motorcycles, 500cc motorcycles and especially Electronic bikes were a number of options to choose for your bike better.

Honda unvieled all new 2011 Honda CBR250R new bikes in India, and was launched in India in April 2011. According to sources, it was manufactured in India and Thailand. Thank you for the location of parts of the basic variant of the Honda CBR250R price is Rs 1.51 lakhs abd ABS option is 1.77 lakhs. Hero Honda India launched the 2011 version of R Karizma, which offers all new graphics, clear lens turn indicators, new colors for the instrument panel, redesigned engine cowl and the engine black theme. R15 was the first model designed for the Indian market and the true supersport image with a balance of high performance racing fun on winding roads.

Yamaha India is ready to launch a 2011 model Yamaha R15, which resembles the R6 to some extent. Yamaha has managed to capture the imagination of youth through the production of motorcycles, R15 and FZ series. Now they have introduced 3 new models that inspire the masses, who are looking for a reliable commuter bike – Yamaha SZ, SZ-X, Yamaha, Yamaha YBR 125 new bikes launched in India Suzuki GS150R a speedometer digital, new taillight design and a solid fuel tank.

Honda introduced the first model of good mine last year and now have an alternative fuel injection (FI). CBF Stunner FI should be half a chain of sporting events, maintenance-free battery, viscous air filter, the Bank of sensor, Premium 3-D Emblem, weight management and key premium. The speed of the company is 100 km per hour.

Upcoming bikes pretend to be on sale to the public in the near future. Some upcoming bikes publication may change, the company decided. We ensure that we can provide the latest information, so you can monitor all upcoming bikes inside. Aprilia RS4 Rsv4 Aprilia, Bajaj Blade Triumph America, Kawasaki Ninja, televisions speed Rockz televisions are the future of bikes, which are expected this year.