Blake, United Kingdom, Commercial Asset Valuation And Forecast to 2015

Blake field is located in the Outer Moray Firth (Greater Ross Area) of the North Sea in the UK. Ross, Blake and Blake Flank are three fields located in the Greater Ross Area. Blake field is around 10km from the Ross and Parry fields. It is at about 100km from Aberdeen and at a water depth of 100m. The field is located in the blocks 13/24a and 13/24b extending into 13/29b at an average reservoir depth of 1,500m below the seabed.

BG Group is the operator of the field with a 44% equity stake. The other equity partners of the field are Idemitsu, Talisman Energy Inc., and Rigel Petroleum Limited. Blake field was discovered in 1997. The field was discovered by the well 13/24b-3. In the next two years it was appraised by four wells. The field came operational in June 2001.

Blake Flank is another very small field in the same block as that of Blake. This field was discovered in October 2001 while carrying out drilling and development activities for the Blake field. The Blake Flank field was discovered and appraised by the well 13/24a-8. It was estimated in 2001 that Blake Flank field will add approximately 20 million barrels of reserves to the Blake field over a life of 10 years. Blake Flank came operational in September 2003.

Blake field produces crude oil and associated gas. The crude is of 30.30 � API and possesses an oil viscosity of 2.20 centipoises at reservoir conditions. The field produced about 5.9 million barrels of crude oil and 3,447.06 MMcf of associated gas in 2009.

The field life of Blake is expected to be around 14 years with the estimated end of its productive life during 2014-2015. The field is expected to generate $2.18 billion in revenue (undiscounted) during 2010-2029 and is expected to yield an IRR of around 37.80%.

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