Jay Peak Ski Resort in Vermont Attracts Foreign Investors Through EB-5 Visa Program

While a number of businesses in the Jay area of Vermont have struggled to bring in money, Jay Peak ski resort has been able to secure significant funding from foreign investors, NPR reports.

“We’ve raised almost $200 million of equity capital to transform Jay Peak from a winter-only ski resort to a true 52-week-a-year resort facility,” Bill Stenger, the owner of the resort, told the news provider.

In addition to the 80 ski trails at Jay Peak, the resort includes a hotel, ice arena and golf course. A large water park with a retractable glass dome for the winter is also under construction, the news source said.

Stenger told the news source that he is particularly pleased that there are approximately 50 local workers employed by the resort who operate Caterpillar trucks made in America.

“They were all born and raised in this area – went to North Country High School, the career center, some to Vermont Tech, and now they are working at Jay Peak building this facility,” he said.

Much of these jobs and funding for the resort’s facilities have come from overseas investors through the federal EB-5 visa program. Through this program, foreign nationals are eligible to obtain a U.S. green card if they invest $1 million (or $500,000 in some areas) in an American company or project that either maintains or creates at least 10 full-time jobs.

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), there are more than 135 EB-5 regional centers around the country. One such regional center, which covers the entire state of Vermont, specializes in the ski and tourism industry, education, manufacturing, professional services and information publishing, according to the USCIS.

In all, 10,000 visas are set aside each year for the EB-5 program, with half of them allotted for investors going through regional centers and investing in existing businesses, according to the news source. The other half is set aside for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business through an investment.

In order to continue attracting foreign nationals to the EB-5 visa program, a number of supporters from both political parties have attempted to get it renewed in Congress. At his recent inauguration speech, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin said that one of the state’s top priorities should be to take better advantage of the EB-5 program in order to help Vermont companies, such as Jay Peak, to receive necessary overseas funding.

Blake, United Kingdom, Commercial Asset Valuation And Forecast to 2015

Blake field is located in the Outer Moray Firth (Greater Ross Area) of the North Sea in the UK. Ross, Blake and Blake Flank are three fields located in the Greater Ross Area. Blake field is around 10km from the Ross and Parry fields. It is at about 100km from Aberdeen and at a water depth of 100m. The field is located in the blocks 13/24a and 13/24b extending into 13/29b at an average reservoir depth of 1,500m below the seabed.

BG Group is the operator of the field with a 44% equity stake. The other equity partners of the field are Idemitsu, Talisman Energy Inc., and Rigel Petroleum Limited. Blake field was discovered in 1997. The field was discovered by the well 13/24b-3. In the next two years it was appraised by four wells. The field came operational in June 2001.

Blake Flank is another very small field in the same block as that of Blake. This field was discovered in October 2001 while carrying out drilling and development activities for the Blake field. The Blake Flank field was discovered and appraised by the well 13/24a-8. It was estimated in 2001 that Blake Flank field will add approximately 20 million barrels of reserves to the Blake field over a life of 10 years. Blake Flank came operational in September 2003.

Blake field produces crude oil and associated gas. The crude is of 30.30 � API and possesses an oil viscosity of 2.20 centipoises at reservoir conditions. The field produced about 5.9 million barrels of crude oil and 3,447.06 MMcf of associated gas in 2009.

The field life of Blake is expected to be around 14 years with the estimated end of its productive life during 2014-2015. The field is expected to generate $2.18 billion in revenue (undiscounted) during 2010-2029 and is expected to yield an IRR of around 37.80%.

United Kingdom


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Kanu Signs Contract Extension With The First Group

Nigerian football legend Nwankwo Kanu has signed a contract extension with leading property developers, The First Group.

The thirty-five year old, who plays for English Championship side Portsmouth, has been a long-term ambassador of The First Group.

The First Group is currently constructing The One Kempinski Abuja, an iconic building comprising 264 premium serviced residences, located in the heart of the central business district.

“The First Group is leading the way in bringing modern developments to the heart of Nigeria,” said Kanu, who has himself purchased a residence in this unique project. “The One Kempinski Abuja is a stunning property with fantastic facilities and will be a key destination in the Nigerian capital for many years to come.”

“I have really enjoyed my association with The First Group, and I am excited about what they are bringing to my home country.”

“Kanu is a true legend in Nigeria,” said Gary Shepherd, joint chairman, The First Group. “He is loved by so many fans for his great talent, but also the amount he gives back to the community through the Kanu Heart Foundation, which we support. He is a natural ambassador for The First Group in Africa and we are delighted he has agreed to extend his agreement with us.”

The Kanu Heart Foundation was set up in 2000 to help underprivileged children living with heart problems in Nigeria and other African countries.

Kanu is just one of many international sporting ambassadors working with The First Group, including Manchester United star Michael Owen, South African Rugby Union player, Bryan Habana and Russia’s double grand slam tennis champion, Svetlana Kuznetsova.

With its expertise in emerging property markets, The First Group has recognised the unparalleled investment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and Africa, and is proud to offer clients innovative off-plan properties in these sought-after regions, as well as unrivalled investment services and pioneering products.

With a passion for perfection and a commitment to excellence in all areas of construction, design, finish and service, The First Group is leading the way for premium property development in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and Africa, providing its clients with luxury properties for a secure and profitable investment. Please visit for further details.

19th Gas Discovery in KG-d6 Gas Field Reliance Industries

Mukesh Ambani owned Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), one of India’s biggest oil and gas acreage operator, has made its 19th gas discovery in the prolific region of the Krishna – Godavari basin, located off the coast of Andhra Pradesh. The discovery has been named ‘Dhirubhai 42’ and is likely to boost RIL’s gas production by 2 million standard cubic meters per day (mmscmd). An official approval from Directorate General of Hydrocarbons (DGH) for developing the newly found acreage is also slated to come forth soon. DGH, the technical arm of oil ministry, is currently gauging the commercial viability of this discovery and will give its consent on commencing production from the field there after.

This discovery comes as a huge relief to the government which is at the brink of facing concerns of energy security. The additional gas of 2 mmscmd will be able to somewhat mitigate the mounting demand that has come from many gas -hungry sectors of the country.

The 8,100 (KG-D6) block lies off the east coast of Andhra Pradesh in the Bay of Bengal region. KG-D6 oil and gas block has been widely acclaimed for being cost-efficient and time driven. The Krishna – Godavari basin block KG-DWN-98/3 (D6) currently has 19 oil and gas finds, of which Dhirubhai -1 (D1), Dhirubhai- 3 (D3) fields and an MA oil field are the largest and completely functional. KG-D6 produces about 45.4 mmscmd of gas per day and MA oil fields produce around 15,000 barrels of oil per day and about 7.6 million standard cubic meters of natural gas per day from its five wells. There has been a slight decline in gas output from the basin in the last few months and concerns were mounting on whether the field could render any further benefits. This latest discovery has helped ease out the concerns for now and Reliance is hoping to begin production from the block at the earliest.

Automobile India And The New Bikes Produced in This Year

The automobile India increase force after the liberalization in 1991. The industry has continued to grow steadily and consistently to become competent in the global market. In the recent past, India has seen a boom in the automobile sector, thanks to its relaxed restrictions on investment policy in the field. India’s overall economic growth has also played a significant role in attracting foreign investors to invest in India in the automotive sector in the country.

automobile companies is different in the field. New models come out every day and you have the option to choose. With the increase in income per capita, the purchasing power of people has increased. More and more people are turning to managed transport and private vehicles at affordable prices. The automobile industry in India is currently growing 18% per annum, which is remarkable. Therefore, the scenario presented by one of India Car ongoing progress and development. You can buy the car you want by a series of auto shops throughout the country.

Indian bicycle market has witnessed an attack of last bike in the last two years. From the producers of popular Indian bike. All these well-known manufacturers rolled out their best bike on Indian roads. Strengthening of modern design, sporty look, latest gadgets, powerful engine and many features, the new launch bikes in India have a wide selection of all segments. Different categories Bikes 100cc, 125cc bikes have, 150-500cc motorcycles, 500cc motorcycles and especially Electronic bikes were a number of options to choose for your bike better.

Honda unvieled all new 2011 Honda CBR250R new bikes in India, and was launched in India in April 2011. According to sources, it was manufactured in India and Thailand. Thank you for the location of parts of the basic variant of the Honda CBR250R price is Rs 1.51 lakhs abd ABS option is 1.77 lakhs. Hero Honda India launched the 2011 version of R Karizma, which offers all new graphics, clear lens turn indicators, new colors for the instrument panel, redesigned engine cowl and the engine black theme. R15 was the first model designed for the Indian market and the true supersport image with a balance of high performance racing fun on winding roads.

Yamaha India is ready to launch a 2011 model Yamaha R15, which resembles the R6 to some extent. Yamaha has managed to capture the imagination of youth through the production of motorcycles, R15 and FZ series. Now they have introduced 3 new models that inspire the masses, who are looking for a reliable commuter bike – Yamaha SZ, SZ-X, Yamaha, Yamaha YBR 125 new bikes launched in India Suzuki GS150R a speedometer digital, new taillight design and a solid fuel tank.

Honda introduced the first model of good mine last year and now have an alternative fuel injection (FI). CBF Stunner FI should be half a chain of sporting events, maintenance-free battery, viscous air filter, the Bank of sensor, Premium 3-D Emblem, weight management and key premium. The speed of the company is 100 km per hour.

Upcoming bikes pretend to be on sale to the public in the near future. Some upcoming bikes publication may change, the company decided. We ensure that we can provide the latest information, so you can monitor all upcoming bikes inside. Aprilia RS4 Rsv4 Aprilia, Bajaj Blade Triumph America, Kawasaki Ninja, televisions speed Rockz televisions are the future of bikes, which are expected this year.

Skater Choice: Nike Dunks Sb

Skater Choice: Nike Dunks Sb

Nike dunks sb seems that all of our questions answered, “I” word, and if some people hearing this sick, this is really the future of the human race. Internet fundamentally how we do business, seek information, and even changed the store. Store unusual trends and products easier, because only a search engine, found. No matter what you are rarities, including music, movie lines, an invitation to a wedding, or even looking at the clothes to find anywhere on the Internet. This is one of many miracles, and when the Internet is not used only by the person you are cheating yourself.

Nike Skinny Dunk High Doernbecher By Makayla Hansen

If you are tired of people preaching to you on the Internet to get something about this, because even if you do not, the Internet is not available anywhere else where in the short term. Many people do not want your assurance that you do not see what should be an irony, because the land is 90% of the world’s population in a supreme being, if you believe one way or another. That is, at least you can see on the Internet to use it, and know that it exists. As you can see who is calling your order in a register or not the end result is quite realistic from. USPS, UPS or FedEx driver, presented their products at home or at any other e-mail is a very good business, regardless of how you want to see.

These skateboarding shoes are extremely rare, and you probably know very few people who have them. Only a limited number of shoe stores, and when they receive very little. Nike pushes her that some of the best skate shoes on the market, promoting comfort, style and design of concrete skateboard. As the world such a small amount in the shops, so that the choice to search: the Internet.

Nike Dunks Custom High PRM ND – Superman

These new shoes Nike and others make it difficult to obtain, because they can test the market before the start of mass production. Just as we have our strength, there is the use of the Internet, companies that manufacture and sell products such as shoes, Nike Dunks SB. Everyone must find a way to create applications that enhance opportunities and internet marketing that comes with knowledge. Do not sound like a cliche, but “all the same, why not?”

If you know the skater or skaters who know the comfort and style of Nike SB Dunks, perhaps. The world of skateboarding has become so large that we can see, even the most marketable name in order to take a piece of action. Skating is not a society that only one U-skaters will know the names, such as DC, has an independent truck drivers, and Hurley. Skateboard has evolved, so has the team.

The Don Corleone of West Third

You may have read blog posts about her role in delaying the opening of the highly touted Magnolia Bakery on Third Street a few weeks ago. She is the Don Corleone of the Wilshire / Fairfax / Third Street / Beverly Blvd area. Her tactics are brazen and vicious. Like a terrorist leader, she has an endless supply of angry, alienated underlings to do her bidding. Amazingly, few people outside of L.A.’s political elite or her extortion victims would even recognize her name.

What does she want? Money and power. She claims to be protecting her neighborhood from “greedy” small business people while she and her cronies pocket payoffs, large and small, from small businesspeople, political candidates and large developers, alike.

She uses her intimate knowledge of the City of L.A. Planning and Building Departments to delay anyone doing anything in her neighborhood for YEARS until she either loses a court challenge or collects a confidential “settlement” payoff, rumored to run as large as $250,000 or even $500,000 a pop.

Unfortunately, she operates within the parameters of the administrative rights afforded to well-intentioned residents who legitimately want to ensure that their liveability issues are addressed when new businesses open in the neighborhoods. And she gives this process a bad name. Still, she magically becomes the “new best friend” of any business (big or small) who is willing to pay her price � and to hell with liveability issues. Why else did she try to shut down popular independent businesses like Joans on Third while bending over backwards to support massive projects like the Grove?

Of giant concern is that she is a big chum of Councilmember Paul Koretz, who serves on the same secret Democratic Party “Central Committee.” Rumors abound about her nefarious dealings, from many, many insiders. Even if only half of the stories are true, it is an ethical disaster for Koretz and the City of Los Angeles. The fact that this woman is so transparent, so vociferously raucous with her demands, makes it enormously puzzling why all these powerful developers and politicians would be so “bound” to her.

One can only hope that this “plague” of the Beverly Wilshire is exposed very, very soon, that her political buddies either abandon her or go down with her. Maybe then the future of this great neighborhood can go back into the hands of real people � those who live and work here � instead of being the plaything of housewife mobsters.

Horizon Lines up $Multi Million Cancer Drug Boom

Cambridge based personalised medicines trailblazer Horizon Discovery is at the heart of a triple global alliance designed to identify and validate a panel of novel cancer drug targets.

The UK pioneer is partnering US biopharma company H3 Biomedicine Inc in the venture. And Japanese giant Eisai, which has its European Knowledge Centre in Hatfield, will conduct any resulting clinical trials.While the specific financial terms of the agreement are undisclosed, comparative target validation deals in the sector would suggest that a potential return of $20m-$30m could be achievable.

It will be the first of many deals of substantial magnitude in the coming year – one of the chief reasons Horizon was recently named Business Weekly’s ‘Company of the Year’.

The deal gives H3 Biomedicine an exclusive option to acquire ownership of all program assets and intellectual property that relates to each of the target programs, with the exception of Horizon background IP.

Horizon will retain commercial rights over any target program not optioned by H3 Biomedicine. Horizon will receive an initial upfront investment, with additional payments as pre-clinical and clinical milestones are reached.

The capabilities of the major partners in the UK-US cancer venture are hugely synergistic. Horizon is a leading provider of research tools to support the development of personalised medicines and H3 specialises in the discovery and development of oncology treatments.

H3 Biomedicine integrates human cancer genomics with next-generation synthetic organic chemistry and tumour biology capabilities to generate a large library of novel small-molecule drugs to treat cancer.

Horizon will work with H3 to perform target-validation experiments identifying critical cancer genome targets whose modulation will have meaningful clinical effect.

H3 Biomedicine will carry out early target discovery through pre-clinical research, while Horizon will implement its three core drug discovery tools to run alongside and support H3’s discovery biology and chemistry assets and capabilities.

The goal is to rapidly come to definitive decisions on whether or not to progress novel targets into development. Eisai Inc., which is partnered with H3 Biomedicine, will conduct any resulting clinical trials.

Horizon’s discovery tools comprise: rAAV-mediated genome editing (GENESIS???) for precision functional genomics (endogenous gene knock-in and knock-outs); an expanding panel of 400+ X-MAN??? (Mutant And Normal) human isogenic cell lines that model specific target patient genetics and their matched normal genetic backgrounds; extensive cell-based assay development and drug profiling experience.

CEO Dr Darrin Disley, said: “Horizon and H3 Biomedicine share a common belief that systematically validating mutant genes with clear roles in cancer evolution may help yield rapidly translatable targets and drugs with greater clinical significance.

“We believe Horizon’s precision genome editing technology, X-MAN disease models and drug profiling assets will play an essential role in working toward achieving this goal.”

Markus Warmuth, president and CEO, H3 Biomedicine said that the successful development of new personalised medicines depended on well validated and characterised targets and clearly defined patient populations.

“High attrition rates in clinical trials have been impacting industry for a while,” he said. “We believe that clinical success starts at target selection and validation.

“We have elected to work with Horizon because its tools will enable us to progress toward identifying the best possible targets for new drugs with the power to have meaningful therapeutic relevance. That may help us to increase clinical success rates and expedite the delivery of new therapies to the patients who need them.”